Hand Sanitizer Gels: Chai Mist or Aloe Vera Scents 2 oz. 12 oz, or 32 oz

Sweet River Trading Company

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Sweet River is proud to offer Hand Sanitizer Gel in 2 oz (personal size), 12 oz (family size), and a 32 oz  (commercial size) pump bottle. 

We offer our signature "Chai Mist" scent, while also offering a more classic clinical scent in our "Aloe Vera" recipe.

Chai Mist is our first signature scent in our aromatherapy sanitizer series.   Chai Mist contains a proprietary blend of five natural essential oils with 75% alcohol.  This intoxicating and invigorating fragrance will boost your spiritual wellbeing while protecting you and your loved ones from harmful pathogens. The aroma found in our signature Chai Mist recipe is based on a mid-evil tincture, believed to be a natural defense against disease.

Note: If you would like to purchase in bulk (100 or more) please give us a call!